Thursday, February 27, 2014

What's next for Team Jones?

With Jennifer living at least part time in Toronto with partner Brent Laing and daughter Isabella, and working in Montreal a fair bit, the future of Team Jones is up in the air. But at least for now, the four members of the gold medal winning rink are just going to bask in the glory of their gold medals. There is certainly lots to consider, as Geoff Kirbyson brought up in the Winnipeg Free Press:

Jones' partner, Brent Laing, is the second for Glenn Howard's Ontario rink, one of the best in the country on the men's side and which may still have Olympic aspirations of its own.
Just how long the couple will continue to live in different provinces remains to be seen. What if they want another child? Might Laing relocate to Winnipeg and try to hook up with a prominent team here? Or could Jones, who works as a senior legal adviser with National Bank Financial, move east?
So what will the future hold? Methinks that in the short term the rink will stay together -- the sponsorship opportunities would be enough for them to make it work. But after climbing the top of the podium, everything else might seem a little less significant.

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