Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Team Jones arrives home to massive reception in Winnipeg

Jennifer Jones and her rink landed in Winnipeg yesterday and there was a crush of fans to greet them at the Winnipeg Airport.

The gold medal winners -- including, as the CBC referred to her, "alternative Kirsten Wall" (we'll have to ask Trevor about that)  -- got a heroes welcome. 

By 9 p.m., the airport was packed with more hundreds of raucous friends, family and fans eager to congratulate the team on their win by 9 p.m. Many held signs and Canadian flags. Even Mayor Sam Katz was there, holding bags of goodies for the team when they arrived. 
Mounties in full uniform were also on hand, and a giant red carpet was laid out for the team. Bagpipers played as the women came down the escalator to screaming, cheering fans.

Jones also the Winnipeg Sun the entire experience in Sochi was remarkable, especially the bonding with other members of Team Canada. 

"It's pretty cool to celebrate with Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby and have them tell you how much they watched that game and how inspiring it was to them," she said. "It was pretty cool."

As for what's next for the members of the rink, Jones summed up their immediate plans.

“Try to get some sleep – see my baby girl, who I miss,” said Jones, tearing up. “We haven’t slept a lot, so I think sleep will be our priority.”


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