Monday, February 17, 2014

Curling takes over the New York Stock Exchange

Curling always gets lots of attention during the Olympics and one place it seems to have found a home is on Wall Street, where brokers and financial analysts alike have fallen in love with the sport since it became a hit in 2010. That was because most of the games in the U.S. were aired on CNBC and that's the channel that's on most of the TVs in the financial district. (Back in 2010, there were a lot of eyes on Cheryl Bernard. This year, I'm told, the Russian women's team is the favourite).

In any case, American curlers biggest promoter Dean Gemmell brought some of the tools of the trade to the floor of the Stock Exchange to show off to some of the hosts.

Speaking of tools, one of the hosts was Kevin O'Leary of Dragon's Den fame who has moved into the U.S. Market with a spinoff show, Shark Tank.

You can see the bit below.

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