Monday, February 10, 2014

How big were the Scotties TV numbers?

Really big. 

Considering it was up against the Olympics – some events of which were repeats – the mid-season premiere of Walking Dead and the reunion of the two living Beatles, the Scotties didn’t do too poorly in the TV ratings last weekend. In fact, the final had a big, big audience.

The playoff numbers showed a pretty solid result. The three-four Page game brought in 447,000 while the one-two contest had an audience of 583,000.

The semi-final contest had 556,000 viewers, which is pretty good.

But the big bonanza was the final between Ontario and Alberta. It came in at a whopping 907,600.

It never hurts to have two of the ‘Have’ provinces in the final. When you get an Ontario team such as Homan from viewer-rich Centre of the Universe, numbers almost always go up.

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