Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sir David Attenborough calls curling

If you've ever watched any British documentaries, particularly ones on nature, you've probably heard Sir David Attenborough. His voice is unmistakable, unique.

Somehow, the BBC managed to convince Sir David to do a little commentary on Team GB's game against the U.S. earlier this week and the results were tremendous and hilarious.

For example, he used the following phraseology to describe Anna Sloan delivering a stone.

“And off she goes: gently but flamboyantly launching the oversized walnut down the frozen river,” describes Attenborough of British skip Anna Sloan’s slide.
“The alpha female’s job is complete,” he continues. “It’s now up to the herd to frantically follow the walnut down the river, gently frisking the foreground.”

It's worth the few minutes of watching. 

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