Friday, February 21, 2014

OCA apologizes, CCA ends sanctions, problems continue

Finally, it appears the OCA has come to its senses.

According to multiple sources, the OCA’s president, Ian McGillis, sent a letter to the CCA last night apologizing and retracting statements that were felt by the CCA to be defamatory. That has cleared the way for the association to avoid being suspended and also for the association to be put back in good standing.

The CCA sent out a letter today to the OCA announcing the end to the sanctions and the cancellation of the proposed March 11 meeting at which there was to be a vote to suspend the OCA.

While that may prevent the most pressing issues including a possible suspension, it will not end the bigger issue of a dysfunctional association that has put Ontario curlers at risk.

In other words, the symptoms may have been cured, but the disease lingers.

The incident has brought the spotlight on an association that has horrible communication with its members, clubs and zone reps, has acted questionably at national meetings and has continued with an aura of arrogance.

Understandably, the call for a Special General Meeting has not been withdrawn and it now appears certain that the current board will be facing an angry group of curlers whenever that meeting time is held.

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