Monday, February 17, 2014

Grass Roots rising; A petition to stop the OCA suspension

Despite the refusal of either side to discuss the matter, the grassroots of Ontario curling is starting to take notice of the situation, the one that has been festering between the Ontario Curling Association and the Canadian Curling Association.

A petition has been launched that urges all the OCA zone reps to listen to the curlers of the province and settle the dispute by whatever means necessary. 

Here’s what the start of the petition reads:

The Canadian Curling Association is organizing a meeting of member associations and the national board to suspend the Ontario Curling Association from the national body.  This would mean that Ontario curlers would receive no monies and no support from the CCA.  
This petition is to convince the OCA reps to take whatever steps it needs to, to prevent this from happening.  The OCA reps though need to hear our voices, loudly and clearly, on this issue. 
Please sign the petition and let the OCA reps know that by not taking action to prevent this suspension that they are being irresponsible to curlers in this province.

If you want to sign the document, you can do it here:

I have signed it and I’d urge you to as well.

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