Friday, February 21, 2014

British coach takes a swipe at Jacobs before gold medal match

Soren Gran doesn't like the physical, aggressive style of Canada's Brad Jacobs and his team, saying it's not good for the sport. He criticized the Canadian team's animated emotions that have become their trademark.

Gran, a Swede who coaches David Murdoch's rink, spoke out to the Sun chain a day before his team will meet Brad Jacobs Canadian team for the gold medal.

"The aggressive style we have seen from the Canadians here, that's something I don't like about the sport," Gran said. "I don't think it helps anyone. It doesn't help the player and it doesn't help his teammates."
Gran said that he sees the outward showing of emotion to be a weakness, something that will benefit his team.

"If I see the team we are playing against get aggressive and show anger, I think our guys should be happy because we'd have them exactly where we want them to be. I don't think that helps."
We'll get a chance to see if Gran's theories are correct in today's final.

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