Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time for Ontario curlers to get answers and have their say

This Sunday at noon at Annandale G&CC in Ajax (here's a map), will be the first chance the curlers of Ontario to hear – and hopefully ask questions –  of the board of the Ontario Curling Association.

 After lots of nonsense, written confrontations, delays (many possibly as part of a strategy), obfuscation, sanctions, non-communication and what seems as general rudeness, the OCA board, headed by president Ian McGillis, will finally gather in front of voting members comprised of zone reps and members at large.

 According to a newsletter sent out last week by the OCA, any curler in Ontario is allowed to attend although they won’t have a vote.

That means if you feel strongly about what has happened to curling in this province over the past few months, you should be there.

 If you think curling in Ontario needs better representation, then you should be there.

 If you think it’s wrong that the current board hasn’t answered any questions or explained why the association was put under sanction, you should be there.

 If you think it’s strange that the statement put up on the OCA web site “explaining” the entire situation was quickly refuted by the CCA, then you should be there.

 If you think the OCA board has thumbed its nose at the association constitution, then you should be there.

 If you think it’s abhorrent that it’s used technicalities in order to avoid calling a general meeting when asked to do so by a large number of voting members, you should be there.

 If you think it’s wrong that it hasn’t responded to the call by a sitting vice-president to call a special general meeting, you should be there.

The only way to put an end to all the problems that exist is to show up, hear what this board has to say and then decide for yourself if it’s right or wrong.

 If no one shows up then these folks will assume curlers just don’t care. Show them you care about curling in Ontario.

Come to this meeting and see if there are finally answers.

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