Sunday, March 23, 2014

Martin says timing of Koe team changes unfortunate

Kevin Martin didn't seem to be a guy bothered by the break-up of his gold-medal winning team when he was contacted by the Edmonton Journal's Norm Cowley. Instead, he was disappointed that the news came out before the end of the season and prior to two big events. 

“It’s unfortunate,” Martin said about the Sportsnet report. “I know there’s been lots of talk between Kevin Koe and Ben and Marc. I mentioned to Ben and Marc, ‘Guys, why don’t you leave this until after the Players’ (Championship)? Or at least after the worlds?’ 
“You don’t want anything negatively affecting Kevin Koe’s team, because you want them guys to win. We want Team Canada to do well at the men’s worlds. It’s not the best timing to have all this happen, but I guess it did.”

As for Martin's own plans, he wasn't about to reveal anything until the Players is over.

“I’m not announcing anything until after the Players’ is done about what I’m going to do,” Martin said. “The last thing you need is something about our team or my retiring or Jeff’s. That’s all stuff we can worry about in May.”

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