Friday, March 7, 2014

OCA issues statement (finally), but no date set for Special General Meeting

 So about three people just sent me the OCA's statement concerning the CCA-OCA dispute. This is only about three months late in coming, but here you go. I'd be interested to hear what people think about this.

Also, there has been no word yet on the Special General Meeting called by the required number of members. That has to be called, no ifs, ands or buts. I wonder if the issuing of this is in some way tied to the possible upcoming meeting?


OCA reinstated as a Member-in-Good-Standing

The Ontario Curling Association was informed in November 2013 by the Canadian Curling Association that we were now a ‘Member-Not-in-Good-Standing’.

The decision to place us in this status was made as a result of their receipt of a confidential internal OCA  Board communication containing several comments they found “inaccurate and defamatory” which had  been forwarded to them anonymously.

Along with this there were restrictions, the OCA was not to communicate nor receive communications
from the CCA. We were to be notified after an investigation of the conditions we would be required to
meet to regain Good Standing.

We fully complied with the investigation in the hopes that this would be quickly resolved. The CCA’s
investigation dragged into the New Year. In January we were advised that their investigation was
complete and an apology was required. Although we had not seen the results of the investigation and
with no appeal process available to us we issued an apology in early February. Our initial apology was
not approved by the CCA Governors.

Our hopes that this matter would be quickly resolved dragged on, but through no intention of ours.
With the best interests of our members at heart we issued a further apology which was then accepted
without reservation.

The OCA Board of Directors would like to remind you that we are a group of dedicated volunteers who devote many hours and are passionate about the game of curling in Ontario. We continue to enjoy the respect and friendship of the other member associations and will work to regain our role in the CCA. The OCA will continue to have a strong voice at the National meeting table.

We will be available to answer questions at the spring zone meetings.

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