Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OCA zone reps still awaiting date, location of Special General Meeting

Delay, delay, delay -- that's the OCA

It’s now been two weeks since a large gaggle of zone reps sent a letter to the Ontario Curling Association requesting a Special General Meeting. The letter came in the wake of the OCA’s battle with the CCA, which was ignited when the CCA made the provincial body a “member not in good standing,” and then threatened to suspend it fully.

The details of how this happened are here.

While the OCA has apologized/retracted the offending statements and is back in the good books, it is still required by its constitution to schedule and arrange this meeting.

However, in what is becoming an all-too familiar situation, the OCA board, headed by president Ian McGillis, has delayed the meeting. Over the course of the past year or so, McGillis has become the master at either not answering letters, answering them late, or answering them at the 11th hour.

While the president has acknowledged receipt of the letter requesting the Special General Meeting, that’s the last anyone’s heard.

Now by the constitution of the OCA, there are no ifs, ands or buts about this – the meeting has to be scheduled. But it seems the board is trying to avoid doing that, perhaps waiting for the zone meetings in April. Is it any wonder why the zone reps are upset?

Clearly there is enough nonsense going with the OCA board that this meeting should happen asap. And anyone who cares about curling in the province should not only be urging the board to schedule this meeting but making plans to attend, if allowed.

There are a ton of important issues facing our game right now and putting your head in the sand and hoping it all goes away is not the way to deal with it. Leadership is needed and, with all due respect to those who volunteer their time, it’s clearly not happening.

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