Friday, March 21, 2014

Team Canada gets blown up; Koe goes with new lineup

The first shoe in the revolving team lineups fell on Friday when it was revealed that Brent Laing was heading to Alberta to play for Kevin Koe.

At first, it was thought that Laing would replace the retiring Carter Rycroft.

But it’s been learned that Laing won’t be the only change to the team lineup. A number of sources are telling me that Koe will also bring in Marc Kennedy at third and Ben Hebert at lead.

If true, that means that Koe will also give up the Team Canada spot. If Thiessen, Rycroft and Simmons stay together, the get it. If they don't it will then drop down to B.C. – as long as that team stays together. I think. Or maybe they should just throw the spot into the relegation pool. 

Stay tuned.

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