Wednesday, January 8, 2014

OCA is put on Double Secret Probation by the CCA

Apparently the CCA has put the OCA on watch. 

The word is out that the Ontario association has done something naughty and is being punished by the other provincial associations as well as the national body. At a CCA board meeting in November, Ontario was made "a member not in good standing." The board didn't tell anyone about this motion it passed and right now, we believe there's an investigation underway.

What this exactly means is not clear but it will not affect Ontario curlers playing for national titles. But it could mean Ontario curlers won't have access to a lot of resources at the national level such as funding for club development. (UPDATE: York Curling Club in Newmarket, Ont., confirmed that the funding it receives from the CCA for Club Development has been suspended due to the situation) We're not really sure about much here.

And more importantly, we don't know why. Joe Pavia in the Ottawa Sun tried to get some idea of what's up but was shut down.

Not only did we not know, but no one is saying why or how the provincial body can be re-instated. The CEO of the CCA, Greg Stremlaw, wrote to the Sun, "This comes as a result of ongoing investigation into recent conduct of the OCA, and is compliant with CCA bylaws that were approved by the member associations. The investigation continues and no further comment will be made until the completion of the investigation." 
OCA president Ian McGillis and other member associations would not comment on the situation.
So just what could it be that the OCA has done? And is all this in any way tied to the fact that the OCA's executive director, Doug Bakes, just announced his retirement?

There are lots and lots of rumours flying about at the moment and until one side or the other comes clean with some information, you can be sure those will just grow in stature.

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