Friday, January 10, 2014

CCA being big meanies in suspension of the OCA

So in correspondence with the heads of both the CCA and the OCA, I was told that the recent ruling by the CCA board to deem the OCA "a member not in good standing" would have no affect on curlers. Which I think really translated to mean, you can still send your players to the national championships.

But there is a fall out that's affecting the club player and it comes in a snarky, mean-spirited way from the CCA.

First, all funding for things like the club development program have reportedly been shut off. At least two clubs have contacted me to tell me they aren't getting funds. That hurts the clubs but it also hurts the curlers who play their regular games there. They've been counting on that money and to stop it when the club is not at fault is ridiculous.

Second -- and this is the one where I think the CCA is being petty -- a club contacted me and said it has two members who are reaching a milestone: being members for 50 years! What a great achievement. So there's a special night planned for the two and a celebration. The club asked the CCA for a letter congratulating the two. What was the response?

Yes, we think that's great. What a wonderful achievement. Oh but because the OCA is "a member not in good standing" we're not going to provide a letter to you.

Really? You're not going to write a letter?

I can tell you that without any knowledge of what's going on here, the CCA is starting to look very, very bad.

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