Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kick save and a beauty!

Sean Fitz-Gerald is killing it in Kingston, with another great story. This time, he focuses on Tami and Greg Holtby, the parents of Saskatchewan's Taryn Holtby.

. You may have heard of their son -- Braden Holtby, who plays goal for the Washington Capitals. The parents were asked which was more stressful -- watching son play goal (as they did during last year's NHL playoffs) or watching daughter throw rocks.
“They won the provincial curling [title] on the last rock, and it was way more stressful than the hockey, I think,” Greg said. “Everything happens so slowly in curling, and the tension just builds.” 
“I would say both are stressful,” Tami said. “But this is harder to keep contained.”
Tami became famous last year when she showed a variety of reactions while watching her son play goal in the playoffs. She'd cover her eyes, jump up and down and basically ride the tide of emotion during the Caps games.

You can see an example below:

The rest of the really enjoyable article from Fitz-Gerald is here. It's recommended reading.

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