Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At 2-4, N.S. still drawing attention

OK, the Nova Scotia team is a good story with the vets returning to get yet another diamond from Kruger (Vajazzler, anyone?), but at 2-4 it's a bit surprising they're still drawing attention in the press. Especially when three teams are undefeated heading into Wednesday's play -- a first. However, deadlines are always a factor at these events. 

The Halifax gals finally got on the winning side of the board Tuesday and it was hard work all the way. CP writer Gregory Strong files a look at the team made up of three vets and newcomer Jen Baxter, through the eyes of alternate Nancy Delahunt, who isn’t in a hurry to slip on the slider.

“I am not itching to get out (on the ice),” she said. “Would I go out and would I take it? Sure, but I’m not looking to elbow anyone out of the way.”

The Bluenosers were off to a disastrous start before finally earning a victory over NWT, something that didn’t come easy said former skip Colleen Jones.

“It’s nice to get the first win — and that even was hard,” said vice-skip Colleen Jones. “Like all of the sudden you’re going, ‘We could still give this away.’ It’s amazing. You forget how much hard work it is to plow through the tough times of a game and try to eke out a win.”

The Nova Scotia team drew the attention of one fan in particular. As Jim Morris relates on Yahoo! Viola Braden, 98 years young, was taking in her first Scotties and was glad to see Jones, her favourite player, on the ice.
Jones was thrilled to learn she had a fan in Braden.
"That's awesome," Jones said after Nova Scotia defeated the N.W.T/Yukon 10-7. "I hope when I'm 98 I'm going to a Scotties and watching. I think that's terrific somebody would take the time.
"I just love seeing that kind of spirit, of just wanting to keep going out and living life."

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