Monday, February 18, 2013

Dawn Askin on Marriage and Winnipeg

The Sun's Tim Baines has a story on Dawn Askin and her forthcoming marriage to curler Mike McEwen this July. Askin met McEwen when he billeted at their family home during a big junior spiel back in the day. Later, she moved to Winnipeg for him, oh, and also to play for Jennifer Jones and win national and world championships.

And, she even has nice things to say about Winter-peg.
"It's nice going from a 45-minute bus ride to work to a five-minute drive," said Askin of living in the St. James district of Winnipeg and working for Public Works. "Winnipeg is a great city. It's easy to get around. I know some people make fun of Winnipeg but I like it. I still love Ottawa too."
The full story is here. 

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