Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homan rink turning heads

Rachel Homan and her team from Ottawa are continuing to roll along, pushing their win total to seven on Wednesday. Along the way, they’re impressing their opponents, young and old. Homan is looking exceptional in demolishing the field in style and, as opposed to 2011 when this team looked good, this year, as Tim Baines of the Sun points out, they have more than just flash. 

The Ontario team isn't tied for top spot by fluke. They've got game. . . and plenty of it. A fourth-place finish at the Scotties in 2011 was a stepping stone. After rolling through the Ontario championship undefeated, they're not just here to bask in the experience.  

"The first time we got here, I thought maybe we were good enough for the playoffs, but I didn't really believe we were good enough to win the whole thing," said Homan. "We didn't have enough experience. You can't fast track experience. This time, I think we're just as good as any team here. I think we're ready."
And you can count Saskatchewan's Jill Shumay among the growing group of impressed opponents. Shumay's team lost 8-2 to the Ontario four on Wednesday. 

 “It’s so impressive . . . the weight they throw and it’s so controlled,” said Shumay. “They can throw sub-seven-second peels and in control and they throw them like BBs. It’s really is fun to watch them.”
Also in the fan club is veteran Colleen Jones, who talked to Gregory Strong of Canadian Press.  
"She’s a superstar and she will be a superstar," said Nova Scotia vice-skip Colleen Jones. "She’s so intense, so driven, so good, that it’s amazing."
And so is Andrea Crawford of New Brunswick who talked about Homan's confidence.

“That plays a big role in your performance,” Crawford said. “It doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot that shakes her.”
On Thursday, the almost-hometown team faces the other undefeated rink, Colleen Jones and the 'Tobans.

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