Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kevin Martin admits to dozing off during one-sided games

OK, K-Mart didn’t really say that, but he did admit to Donna“Spinner” Spencer of the Canadian Press that what drives him these days is playing in a close contest with something on the line. And, it’s hard to fault a guy who has won just about all there is to win in curling AND who has is own App.

"I still really enjoy a good tough game, win or lose," Martin said. "It's tough in games that don'e mean a lot, but the big ones. . . those are the games that are fun for me still.
"As long as I really enjoy it, deep down really can't wait to play, I'll play. Once you don't feel like that, your days are done. I haven't got that yet."
Martin, of course, will once again skip the Alberta entry to the Brier and for the first time, play in his hometown of Edmonton. 

"I think the Brier is going to be loud, a lot of un and I think the crowd is going to be really into it," Martin said. "It's Canada's biggest party if the Grey Cup's not. The two bigest parties in Canada are the Grey Cup and the Brier."  
No word on whether Martin is considering donning the pads for the Eskimos next season.

Terry Jones also offered up a profile of Martin, reflecting back on what attracted him to the game in his early days. And, believe it or not, it was the smell. Not the odour of Ben Hebert and Marc Kennedy after a game of sweeping, but the inside of the rink.

“You know how it started?” asked the 46-year-old skip.
“The smell. There’s no smell like a curling rink. Especially a small town curling rink. Smaller town the better.
“When you walk into the rink the first thing that hits you is the smell. Fresh pies and hamburgers. A curling rink smell. Hockey rinks don’t smell like that. I loved that curling rink smell.”

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