Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“You can’t smoke cigarettes or drink beer on the ice anymore."

There aren’t too many curling clubs that can boast of being around for a century, but the Vancouver Curling Club is celebrating its centennial in 2012. A lot has changed for the club over the years, including the new facility it inherited after the 2010 Olympics. 

Now the club is trying to recruit new members for the upcoming season. As Sam Corea, one of the club’s volunteers said, perhaps disappointingly, there have been a few changes over the years.

“You can’t smoke cigarettes or drink beer on the ice anymore,” said Corea. “And today’s ice is so well maintained, you can’t blame the ice ifyou’re not playing well.”

Dang. And I was so close to signing up. Not sure if that’s a great sales pitch, but there’s a nice article here about the club.


dbsdbs said...

St Paul Curling Club in Minnesota also celebrates its centennial this year. SPCC is still in its original building, though the much of the club has been "rebuilt" by the members.

BW said...

Great to hear! that's a centennial worth noting!