Saturday, September 15, 2012

The solution to all curling problems is beer

Con Grikowsky tells the story of how Jamie King was talked out of retiring to head up a new rink made up of some talented rock-tossers including Blake MacDonald and Scott Pfeifer. Lead Jeff Ericsson rounds out the team. And all it took was some cold, brown liquid. 

“Beer,” said King.
 The new rink is putting together a WCT-lite schedule of just four events before Christmas. Seems the tour is more focused on where they can get some quality golf in between time on the ice. (Not a bad plan, if I do say so myself.)
“We had our tee times booked before we did ourcurling schedule, although Blake’s in charge of the golfing times so I don’tknow if it is booked,” said King. “We’re golfing in a few nice places – Vernonin a couple of weeks, Kamloops in a month.” 

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