Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mike Harris choose Swiss Alps over Don Mills Ave

Mike Harris, former silver medallist, former TV commentator and former golf professional at The Donalda Club, is packing up and heading to Europe.
Harris resigned his post at the posh Toronto club to assume a new role as the head of a European high-performance curling centre, located in Champery, Switzerland.
In the National Post,  Harris talks about his decision to make the switch: 

“For me, it was one of those tipping points,” Harris said. “Either I stick with this course for the rest of my career, or I can try a new path. From a career standpoint, I’ve never really worked in the curling world.”
Harris won't be spending as much time with the top-level Euro teams, but rather those who are just half a notch below that lot:

“There’s 26 countries that compete at the European championships and only eight of those, or so, end up at the Worlds or Olympics,” Harris said. “So there’s 18 other countries that have curling … not your traditional curling countries, that have national team programs, that really don’t have [good] ice conditions or coaching available to them on a regular basis."
I guess that also rules out his return to the airwaves as a commentator for the Grand Slams on Sportsnet.

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