Monday, September 17, 2012

King rink earns green fee money

Jamie King and his part-timers took top spot at The Shoot-Out at the Saville Centre with an 8-1 victory over Charley Thomas, as Con Griwkowsky reports. Blake MacDonald skipped the team while Scott Pfeifer threw third and Jeff Erickson, second. King put up the first stones and said the lineup will stay intact for their next round of golf cashspiel.
“The only rule we made is if we have a lineup and we sin aspiel, we’re not switching until we don’t win a spiel,” said King. “So Vernon (in two weeks), here it is.” 

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Lawes, filling in for Jennifer Jones who is recovering from knee surgery, skipped the Horseshoe Valley Winnipeg team to a win on the women’s side.
“Obviously I wish Jennifer was here,” said Lawes. “She hasbeen super supportive. We’ve phone her every day. She’s so excited for us andvery happy we were in the playoff and into the final game.”
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