Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tap-dancing, field goal kicking likely out for de Cruz

A Post Media story from Kevin Mitchell details a freaky tough break for a Swiss curler who was attempting to help out a stranded motorist.

Swiss skip Peter de Cruz and his team were in Saskatoon preparing for the Point Optical spiel. Out for dinner, they came across a woman who had driven over a cement barrier and they helped her lift the front of the car off it. Unfortunately the barrier ended up on de Cruz’s toe and he ended up on crutches. His toe appeared all bloody and it's extremely painful, putting his participation in the big cashspiel in doubt. 

"The (barrier) wasn't attached to the ground and it flew at my legs. I caught it right on the toe," he recalled. "It hurt alot -- a lot of pain. I took my shoe and sock off and it was bleeding everywhere.

If de Cruz can't start, coach and retired player Claudio Pescia will suit up for the Swiss rink. 

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