Thursday, September 13, 2012

Geezers Going For Gold!

Well, OK, they might not yet be classified as Geezers, but the Bluenosers are back. Colleen Jones, Mary-Anne Arsenault, Kim Kelly and Nancy Delahunt have reformed with an eye on getting to the Olympic Trials.
Monty Mosher details the how the re-united squad, that includes 25-year-old Jennifer Baxter at lead and presumably in charge of the defibrillator (Delahunt is team manager and alternate), is going with a heavy competitive schedule.
This time, however, it will be Arsenault calling the shots with Jones playing third.
"It's been great, lots of laughs," Arsenault said this week as the team prepared for a season-opening bonspiel this weekend in Sackville, N.B. "Certainly there is a familiarity to everything. I'm trying to expand Colleen's aggressiveness and she's trying to rein in my aggressiveness. I think somewhere we'll meet in the middle and it will work.""I think it's awesome," said Jones. "It feels great out there. We have this comfort together that comes from having spent over a decade together."
Jones said the advanced age of the squad shouldn't have a bearing on their performance. As she pointed out, the men's side if filled with Old Coots.
Jones said she doesn't care how old the team members are. She said Kevin Martin, Glenn Howard and Jeff Stoughton have shown that older men can command their sport nationally and internationally.
"That to me just screams that curling is a sport where the longevity and experience and the kind of wisdom that comes with age is a really positive thing," she said. "Watching the men has been the epiphany. . . that there is no reason for us not to succeed."

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