Sunday, January 13, 2008

Help for my next book

I’m in the process of writing my next curling book (due out next Christmas) and without getting into details, I’m hoping over the next little while, to enlist the help of readers of this blog. From time to time, I’m going to post a topic and I’m hoping you can give me some examples from your curling experiences of this topic.
OK, here’s the first one.
In 1976 in Sarnia, Ont., two curlers in a local bonspiel began arguing when one accused the other of not releasing the stone before crossing the hog line. The argument became so intense, the player who allegedly committed the foul left the ice with his team, forfeiting the game. However the squabble continued in the club after that and resulted in the accuser throwing a knockout punch to the head of the rock-thrower. Charges were laid and the accuser ended up in court.
“Surely we aren’t going to get into violence in curling,” said Sarnia Judge Alan Fowler, before fining the man $250 or 25 days in jail.
What I’m hoping to find is any more examples people have of actually fights at a curling event. I actually hope there aren’t too many but I do know of at least a couple of more. Perhaps you can share your example by posting it in the comments section or, if you prefer, sending it to me at


Steve Whitehill said...

Bob, I am sure you know about the fight in Bobcaygeon... I was there... I also write a column for the OCR... guess who...

john hyrich said...

This is john Hyrich.Two of MB's colourfull curlers were Orest Meleschuck and John Usackis. I was second for 18 years but i was also a bodygaurd,shrink and a mediator for the two of them.People paid to come and watch the two of them were i was lucky to have a front row seat,priceless.Many a good stories told. over the years