Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Amazing Lorraine Lang

Lorraine Lang absolutely amazes me. She doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for her prowess on the ice. For those who don’t know, Lang is currently battling it out on the ice in Espanola at the Ontario Scotties. And she’s playing front end for goodness sake, trying to help Krista McCarville’s squad win its third consecutive provincial crown.
Of course this all comes long (sorry LL) after she’s already won the Scott and world championships, back before they had a free-guard zone. That would be circa 1988 and '89. At that time, Lorraine was third for Heather Houston.
And she also has a Canadian mixed crown in her bag, playing with husband Rick.
So tell me . . . how many other Ontario curlers – north or south – have that full a resume and are still at it?
As I said, simply amazing.