Monday, January 28, 2008

New Globe Column

Happy Monday.
* My Globe and Mail column on Kevin Koe and his rink is here.

* Why is it I have the jingle from the Capital One commercials running through my head? And the one from the Tylenol commercial? And the one Walter Gretzky sings?

* I think Bruce Rainnie is going to do just fine in his new job. Must be that PEI in him.

* CBC did a good job with the Slam broadcast over the weekend. A nice job with the Don Wittman tribute, another nice job in digging up that Kevin Koe debacle from the Canadian Junior (forgot what he looked like with hair); and an interesting look at what's become an age-old question: why hasn't someone from Saskatchewan been able to win the Brier?

* Not that you'd come here to get the field for the Scotties, but here it is anyway:
Canada: Kelly Scott; Alta: Shannon Kleibrink; B.C.: Allison MacInnes; MAN: Jennifer Jones; N.B.: Sylvie Robichaud; N.L.: Heather Strong; N.S.: Mary Anne Arsenault; Ont.: Sherry Middaugh; P.E.I.: Suzanne Gaudet; Que.: Marie-France Larouche; Sask.: Michelle Englot; Yukon/NWT: Kerry Galusha-Koe. Comments on this field in a future post.

* Watched the NHL All-Star Skills competition and began wondering why curling doesn't have it's version of the Breakaway event. It's similar to the Slam Dunk in basketball where players are judged on their creativity. Wouldn't it be great to see curlers are the Brier perform with unusual deliveries? Think of Stoughton's 360 and you'll get the idea. In my book it sure beats the hell out of the Ford Hot Shots.

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KPurdy said...

I like the idea of implementing an "I wish I could have tried that shot" shot. At the end of the end, once the score is determined, the skip can set the rocks back up before he/she threw the last one and try for a wooby-dazzler -- just to see what "might have been". Could be fun.