Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things we know today

Things we know today:
• Glenn Howard is not going to win an Emmy (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is) for his appearance on Little Mosque last night, although he was very funny. He was definitely better than Paul Savage in Men with Brooms.
• You won’t find any coverage of the Energizer Bonspiel in any Toronto newspapers. That’s too bad. In the old days, the papers would carry the results, especially the list of survivors from the knock-out competition. It was always fun to wake up and see who was still around. UPDATE: Apparently the results are in the Star, but only the printed edition, not the web. Good for the Star!!
• It’s impossible to open up the spreadsheet on the TCA web site that lists the results of the Energizer. At least it is for me.
• As I understand it, ticket sales in Winnipeg are OK and the CCA believes it will reach its budget. But one source told me that gone are the days when Winnipeg was a sure thing for a major curling event.
• There are two situations in which you can have rocks in the house at the conclusion of an end and still have a blank end. Anyone care to guess what they are? This is a good bar bet, by the way.


Jason Thomas said...

1) Two rocks (one for each team) are exactly tied for shot as measured.
2) Two or more rocks are covering the pin such that it is impossible to measure to determine who is shot.

BW said...

Right you are Jason.