Monday, January 21, 2008

Don Wittman

A sad day today with the passing of Don Wittman. Don was a truly remarkable guy, a broadcaster who could handle any sport. In interviews I did for my story that’s in today’s Globe, it was clear that the most common word attached to Don’s work was professionalism. Not only did he exude professionalism himself, but he passed that lesson on to his colour commentators, no matter who it was.
There are lots of tributes pouring in. At the next Grand slam, all the players will be wearing DW patches and those are expected to stay through the Brier and Scotties. I hope all involved will be able to take it a step further if possible and maybe name a new award after Don, perhaps something paying tribute to a member of the media, perhaps someone up and coming.
No matter which way you look at it, curling has lost a great man. In fact the world has lost a great man.
We've lost three good ones in a short period -- Witt, Chevy and Maxwell. Curling's going to miss them

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