Friday, January 18, 2008

Running into curlers in Florida

Down here in the Sunshine State for a little work on the other sport (that being golf) and you just can’t get away from the curling world. I’m attending the PGA Mechandise Show, which is a trade show with more than one million square feet of the newest clubs, balls, clothes and gadgets. It’s massive spot.
But I hadn’t gone 15 feet when I ran into two-time world champion John Kawaja, who is the executive vice-president of TaylorMade-adidas Golf. Essentially, Kawaja is the No. 2 guy in this company and right now, he’s running the adidas Golf side of things or all the clothing and shoes. Big job, but Kawaja’s a smart guy so no surprise. Home is now Carlsbad, Calif.
I’ve seen John a number of times over the years and one of the best things about catching him down here is that his life as a curler is unknown. You can go and tell his co-workers he is a curler of notoriety and their jaws drop.
Next up I saw Jane Hooper-Perroud, who won a world title with Marilyn Bodogh. Jane works for Callaway in Canada and looks as though she hasn’t aged a day from when she curled her way to a Scott and a world final. She does a tremendous job with that company which has done very well in the last few years.
Finally, I ran into Ian Tetley, the only one of the three still throwing rocks. Tet was holding court with some Asian businessmen when I passed him so I didn’t get a chance to chat.
Just can’t get away from curling, no matter where you are.

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Dean Gemmell said...

So after you leave the PGA Merchandise Show I'm sure you'll be looking forward to the big Curling Merchandise Show. You know, the one in Wawa, where everyone who covers curling is invited to spend a week out on the ice testing the very latest brushes, shoes, pants and gloves. At the end of each day, we get to walk from the club to the Legion Hall — and back — with the very latest broom bags so we can find out exactly how technology is shaping that piece of equipment. Kawaja and your golf colleagues in Florida don't know what they're missing.