Friday, January 25, 2008

Scotties provincial web sites

Lots of provincial Scotties championship news as most of the provinces wrap up play this weekend. Naturally I’ve had my eye on the Ontario playdowns and it is still quite close despite having eight rounds in the book.
Sherry Middaugh leads at 7-1, a game up on two-time defending champion Krista McCarville. A troika of good teams sit at 5-3 – Jen Hanna, Janet McGhee and Alison Goring (yes, she’s still out there throwing rocks).
They go into a page system starting tonight.
I went to try and find other results from other provinces and it was tougher than I thought. I looked through all the sites and didn’t spend more than a couple of minutes at each. I figured that this high-profile a competition deserved easy access from the home page and if you couldn’t find what you were looking for in that time, you’d probably give up. Unfortunately, in most cases, it wasn’t that easy. I used the links provided on the Scotties Home Page – the national event that is – as my starting point. Here’s what I found:
Alberta – Hopeless. You need about 94 clicks to figure anything out. I gave up.
B.C. – Not bad. Current standings always at the side of the page, draw at the left and current games in the middle.
Manitoba – Once I found the link which was down the MCA home page, it was OK. But why not make it so you can get all the scores of one draw on one page? You have to click each individual game of each individual draw meaning four clicks for just one draw.
N.B. – There was a link on the home page, but it only took me to some standard form page where I could get a link to the host club, the sign-up poster and an entry form, but no scores. I have no idea what’s happening out there.
N&L – hmmm.. . . I clicked on the link and was given an error message that the server at was unreachable. Golfmax?
Ontario – simple, easy and logical. Directed you to the host club site where they’re doing a great job.
Nova Scotia – one of the best. Front and centre on the home page, a couple of clicks to anything.
PEI – ended last week, but lots of good coverage of the final with pictures and game report.
Quebec – my French isn’t what it used to be but I think M-F Larouche won last weekend. Either that or the Canadiens traded Guy Lafleur.
Saskatchewan – Tops in my book. Great coverage, lots of links and pics. Every province could learn from this one.
Territories – event ended but there was notice of the winners – Kerry Koe – front and centre.


catester said...

Thanks for the reviews of the provincial Scotties sites. How about some links? Here's the link to the BC site:

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