Friday, November 2, 2012

The Russians are coming!

Seems those pesky Russians are taking this curling thing seriously. A Russian women’s team has been hanging out in Canada of late, with the latest stop being Ottawa. Previously they were in Kamloops and Winnipeg. They’ll end up in Saskatoon.

This rink is not the one most Canadian would know from world championships and Olympics. It’s, um, the other team, you know, like there really are only two teams that have a shot at representing the country in Sochi. Or possibly only two teams in the entire country. Who knows?

In this fine Gord Holder story, he chats with skip Victoria Moiseeva, about the two squads

“We have two Russian teams: Russia No. 1 and Russia No. 2,” Antonova said this week after a practice session at the Rideau Curling Club. “For European championships, for worlds, and maybe for Olympic Games, we are (competing) with them.”

Russia 1 and Russia 2. . .  sounds either like a bobsleigh lineup or Dr. Seuss characters

The other one (or is it two?) is skipped by Anna Sidorova, at least it is this week. The Russians seem to move their lineup around almost daily.

In any case, the sports federation is pulling out all the stops to have a team ready and able for 2014.

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