Friday, November 30, 2012

New TV Commercials need to get creative

Here's the latest installment of the CCA's new TV commercials. It's another light-hearted look at the game that should ring well with younger viewers. I like these commercials and am glad to see the Johnny "The Hammer" Chow has made a return in one.

If I have an issue with these, it's that the CCA has never utilized them beyond a curling audience. I asked Danny Lamoureux where these would be shown and the told me on curling broadcasts on both TSN and RDS as well as on the CCA's YouTube Channel.

Now in the past, I've asked the CCA's CEO Greg Stremlaw why only show these on curling broadcasts. His response was that figures show there are a great many non-curlers watching events such as this weeks Canada Cup.

But I think the CCA should get a little smarter with its marketing. I think it needs to expand beyond the safe audience. As an example, look at how a number of golf companies have advertised on curling broadcasts. Would it not make sense to look at doing the reverse? How about getting these spots on to early year golf coverage?

Or how about inquiring with other sports federations to do a trade of commercials? It's no secret that many of the curling broadcasts aren't sold out so why not work a trade? Curling shows a Go Skiing commercial and vice versa.

And perhaps there needs to be some of these commercials done in a language other than Canada's two main ones. Why not a version that would appeal to the growing communities who have come from other parts of the world and now call Canada home? A Mandarin or Hindi version just as a test. You never know what you might result.

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