Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brad Jacobs, golfer

While I was out covering the RBC Canadian Open in Montreal last week, I ran into Brad Jacobs and talked a little golf with the gold medal curler. He says his game is pretty solid, especially off the tee.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guelph curling club becomes ball hockey facility

Sad news that curling at the Guelph Golf and Country Club shuttered its curling facility at the end of last year after 50 years of operation. I spent a lot of time on the ice there over the years in various competitions.

Now the space is being turned into a ball hockey facility.

You can read the story here.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Red Wings go summer curling

So what's a great way for team building during the summer? Maybe some golf? Or how about beach volleyball?

Well the Detroit Red Wings decided to go . . . curling. Yup, they found some summer ice and tossed a few stones.

Here is the video evidence.

And you can read more about the event here. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Winnipeg loses another club

Jim Bender of the Winnipeg Sun has the story on the closing of Victoria Curling Club in what was once the centre of the curling universe. 

As the Sun first reported late Wednesday night, the Victoria Curling Club on William Avenue is shutting down after 95 years of operation, vice-president Bryce McEwen said. 
In the last three years, the club went from 26 men's teams spread over three nights and 10 women's teams to eight men's and zero women's squads last season. The Victoria also had 13 rental leagues. 
"It is kind of unfortunate but nothing else could be done," McEwen said Thursday.
Bender also noted that last year the Thistle club burned down meaning two fewer curling clubs in the home of Don Duguid, Jeff Stoughton and Jennifer Jones.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only city where the numbers are dropping off and where curling clubs are either closing or struggling. While there are some success stories there just seem to be more of these ones popping up over and over again.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jacobs' Olympic ring stolen from Alberta hotel room

Brad Jacobs is a little lighter in the fingers today after the ring he was awarded for winning the Olympics was stolen from a hotel room in which he was staying. 

Jacobs was playing in a charity golf tournament in Boyle, Alta., and while he and pals were in the hotel bar. The Soo skip also lost his wallet, cel phone, watch and bracelet. 

“I hope that the idiot that stole it goes ahead and does something even dumber, which is try to get rid of the ring and hopefully it pops up, but I don’t know what anyone would do with that," Jacobs told CBC news. 

Jacobs has had trouble with rings before. 

This is not the first time a thief has stolen one of his championship rings. Jacobs said his Brier championship ring was taken from his home in an earlier break-in about a year ago. He later had it replaced.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Curling Babe" Eve Muirhead poses for golf magazine

Eve Muirhead isn't waiting for any calendar to start posing. The skip recently did a photo shoot for Golf Punk magazine where she appears in some provocative clothes and shows off her fitness.

Here's a sample from the mag:

You can see a few more here. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

TCA to OCA: I'm watching you

The Toronto Curling Association released a statement on the recent OCA Special General Meeting and it can be summed up in a Fockerish way: "I'm watching you."

The TCA, which was outspoken against the Ontario board after a few months of disaster for the latter, found a few positives from the meeting. First, it found promise in the new OCA Executive Director, Stephen Chenier. It also was pleased to see that the TCA, OVCA and HACA have all been invited to sit as voting members on the OCA board.

But it also pointed out some continuing problems, listing three examples:

However, during the meeting, numerous members of the OCA Board demonstrated a substantial lack of understanding of some core issues at hand. Three examples:
  1. When asked if Board meetings were open, it was clear there was disagreement and contradictory responses among Board members as to who was eligible to attend board meetings. Ultimately, no clear answer was offered.
  1. The Board identified several new committees, but one Board member appeared confused and unable to name any of members of his committee when asked.
  1. Many in attendance were of the opinion that Board members should have recused themselves from voting on a motion of non-confidence in the Board due to a conflict of interest. One Board member explained that she felt no conflict of interest in voting to effectively retain her own position, demonstrating the lack of understanding and arrogance among board members that has frustrated the Ontario curling community.
The TCA also pointed out that while the CCA's Hugh Avery spoke and admitted to friction between the OCA and CCA, that the provincial bodies problems will need to be handled from within.

While it was good of Mr. Avery to attend and to offer a degree of assurance that the CCA and the OCA are on their way to mending fences, the TCA believes the root of the OCA’s problems have been internal for many years, and that it will require strong guidance from within to extricate the OCA from its current situation. The recent debacle with the CCA has only been a symptom of the provincial association’s internal issues.
You can read the full statement here. Ultimately, it appears those on the TCA board, which seem to have a good understanding of just what exactly such a body is supposed to do, will be keeping a close eye on the OCA. Just like the rest of us.