Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Faulds, Harris and McCusker

Unless I missed it, the announcement of the new broadcast team for Rogers Sportsnet was named yesterday, tucked into the third paragraph of a release for this week’s Grand Slam event in Brantford.
The team will be Rob Faulds on play-by-play and Mike Harris and Joan McCusker. The latter two, of course were front and centre with the CBC for the last few years.

I thought this may have been bigger news than the third graph, but perhaps Sportsnet sees it differently.
It’s interesting that Sportsnet didn’t bring in anyone new. Not that there’s anything wrong with this trio, but there was certainly an opportunity to change it up and perhaps give the network it’s own look.

I like Rob Faulds and he is an avid curler, which I think adds to his credibility as a broadcaster. He knows the game but understands his place is to lob it up for the other two. He’s stellar at doing that.

Mike Harris, to me, is tremendous, especially with his foresight in seeing an end develop and the fact that he isn’t afraid to criticize when he deems it appropriate.

Joan has improved over the years but I would love to hear her challenge Mike more and also be critical when the situation deserves it. 

So the question I pose is: if you could pick your broadcast team, who would be on it?

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Matt said...

I'd love to see Marilyn Bodogh on regular telecasts. That said, she's a controversial figure and perhaps rubs too many people the wrong way...not that I'd have a problem with that as a viewer!