Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"That's the worst loss of my life, right there"

 Yup. It’s hard to argue with that description coming from the Ontario skipper as reported by Canadian Press, after coughing up what looked like a sure win against rival Kevin Martin.

The Howard rink collapsed in the ninth end to give up four, losing a game that appeared to be locked up. It was just cruel to watch that one fall apart and see the team drop to 1-3. Martin remained perfect at 4-0.

Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun described it as the most shocking loss in a history of losses.

Four years ago in Edmonton at the Roar of the Rings, Glenn Howard lost the final to Kevin Martin. 
Again and again Howard has lost finals of the Brier to the Old Bear. But never, ever, ever, ever has the Ontario skip lost one like that to the most decorated curler in the history of the game or anybody else.
So what do you do if you lose a tough one like that? And what do you do if you know your Olympic dreams are on life support? Well, if you're a member of Team Howard or Team Stoughton, you get the cards out and hope you have better luck.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the standings, Brad Jacobs has found his stride, the one that he and his teammates had last March at the Brier but haven't had since, as quoted in this Paul Friesen article in the Winnipeg Sun. 

"This is the best we've played in the last year. Thisis pretty close to how we played throughout the Brier playoffs. So, like Isaid, it's a long week and we need to get these games going. I think we've gota little momentum going right now, so it feels great."
Despite rolling along, Jacobs is of the mind that going perfect in a round-robin of this field will be next to impossible. Both he and Martin are the only two in the men's field that can accomplish that, both siting at 4-0. 

Competitors have said this week it’s doubtful any team will go undefeated, and Jacobs was still believing that. 
“Obviously, anybody can beat anyone out there and it’s happening,” said Jacobs, 28, who got his spot in Winnipeg out ofthe pre-trials event. 
“Everyone sees it, so real tough to goundefeated. I totally agree with that statement. It’s virtually impossible, I’d say, but there is a slight chance and right now we’re undefeated.”
And our Tweet of the day goes out to NolanThiessen, a member of the Kevin Koe rink that sits at 0-4 (h/t Jonesy)

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