Saturday, December 28, 2013

More cowbell needed as curling fever starting to hit the U.S. ahead of Sochi Games.

Once again, America is on Curling Watch. 

As the Sochi Games approach in just a few weeks, there are stories about the Roaring Game popping up in various U.S. media. The sport obviously intrigues people south of the border and the result is more people trying it out or getting ready to watch it. 

In Alaska, Olympican Jessica Schultz returned home to Anchorage, Alaska for the holidays but took time out to put on a clinic and sign autographs at her home club, as this story reveals: 

Schultz spent a snowy Sunday afternoon at the Anchorage Curling Club, giving lessons, signing autographs and spreading the word about curling, which even in a winter city like Anchorage remains a fringe sport. 
"It's nice to come back to the roots, especially before a huge event like the Olympics," Schultz said. "I can touch base with where I came from.

 Meanwhile, those who won't play, will watch, such as this columnist from the Virginian-Pilot, who, like many, caught the curling bug. 

During the 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver, my brief, guilty pleasure was curling.Women's curling, at that. 
As Sweden and Canada curled long and hard in one of the closest medal games in Olympic curling history, I sat motionless in front of my TV. Now it's true that I often sit motionless in front of my TV, but in this instance, I actually was awake. And caught up in the action, if that's what you call it. 
In fact, Sweden beating out Canada for the women's curling gold medal is all I remember about the Vancouver Games, though I still can't explain what kept me glued to the couch that day.
And then there were these two guys from Buzzfeed, one of the most popular web sites in the U.S., who were given a curling lesson from two U.S. Olympians, Ann Swisshelm and Sara Anderson, and learned what so many do: It's not that easy!

Last week Ann Swisshelm (left), the 2014 U.S. women’s Olympic curling team’s “lead,” and newcomer Sarah Anderson (right), an alternate for the 2014 squad, visited the BuzzFeed office and took us to a local curling club to teach us more about the sport. Like many casual fans, we assumed we could immediately pick it up and dominate. We were very wrong.

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