Thursday, December 5, 2013

Apparently there are other countries in the running for a gold medal

If the boys in Winnipeg think that a win on Sunday will mean an automatic gold medal, they might want to read this fro the Estevan Mercury.

Liu Rui of China defeated Bruce Korte of Saskatoon 5-2 in the Weatherford Curling Classic final on Sunday. It marks another big step for the Chinese team, which is being coached by former Randy Ferbey lead Marcel Rocque. While they might not be up to the standards of Bingyu Wang, they are improving. The world isn't the same any more. 

"The way our team works, every year (we) come (to) Canada for training, games tournaments (to get better)," said coach Hong Chen Li. 
The team also receives instruction from former Randy Ferbey lead Marcel Rocque, who is now a coach with the Chinese national program. 
TheLiu rink has seven or eight tournaments on its schedule for this season and has already played the likes of Glenn Howard, Kevin Martin, Mike McEwen and Kevin Koe, Li said.

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