Friday, December 6, 2013

Mixed Doubles is all the rage

Kind of hard to figure if this is just hyperbole or utter BS, but World Curling Federation president Kate Caithness seems to think mixed doubles is all the rage at curling clubs around the world. 

El Presidente’s words come as the WCF tries once again to have Mixed Doubles included on the Olympic itinerary and obviously having the non-curling world think this is the biggest thing since the snowboard is important. She could just be trying to sway some of those important IOC votes from curling-mad countries such as Qatar and Indonesia.

In this AP story, Caithness tries to sway voters.

However, WCF president Kate Caithness said "mixed doubles is part of our sport that has taken off around the world," with the governing body spending the last eight years developing the spread to meet the technical requirements for Olympic admission

Of course by “taken off around the world” she really means “played only it at the Continental Cup.”

Then, the president throws out this interesting line:

"It would allow other countries who wouldn't perhaps have the chance of going to the Olympics with a full men's team and full women's team to take part in the Olympics," Caithness told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

So does that mean that no real curling country has anyone who is any good actually playing Mixed Doubles or that the countries participating in Mixed Doubles don’t actually have enough curlers to form real teams?

In any case, the official decision will be made after the Sochi Games and a decision will be likely be made in 2015.


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