Friday, March 15, 2013

Report: Pigs seen flying as Citizen sends reporter to cover curling

Ottawa seems to be excited about the prospect of a winning sports team for once (that was an intended shot at the local hockey team) and so its main rag, the Citizen took note. The talented Gord Holder drew the short straw was shipped over to Latvia to cover the Rachel Homan rink’s attempt at winning a world championship. 

If that sounds unusual, well. . . . it is. I can’t remember the last time an Ottawa paper sent a reporter to a curling event other than the City of Ottawa bonspiel. The town has had a few moments of curling glory -- there was, um, ah, John Morris winning the world junior and Bryan Cochrane's whistle at the Brier.

But even the Homan team was surprised that there was a scribbler from their town. 

Holder, a wonderful writer, talks about how the team has learned to deal with adversity, recounting how the rink handled the famous fifth-end burned stone by Lisa Weagle. 

The most recent tough spot for the team of late didn't come on the ice but was simply trying to get to Riga

Overall, this could be the longest curling story ever to appear in the Citizen and it’s worth the read. 

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