Friday, March 8, 2013

Howard continues to roll

Glenn Howard and team sure look impressive thus far in the Tim Horton’s Brier. The Ontario foursome clinched first last night with a win over Quebec. And that puts one tick on the check list for the skip, as he told CP’s Donnan Spencer.

“The bottom line is, I think we’re No. 1 no matter what,”Howard said. “That’s the first goal, so we made it. With two games to go,that’s fantastic.”

With Howard home and cooled out, the rest of the playoff picture is scrambled. Last night, Jeff Stoughton and his rink played a very strong game only to lose to an even stronger Northern Ontario team. As Paul Wiecek revealed, the Jacobs crew drank a magical potion that seemed to give them even more muscles.

"We all drank a huge Red Bull before the game," Jacobs replied. 
When reporters laughed at what they thought was a joke by Jacobs, he made it clear he wasn’t kidding about the energy drinks. 
"Honestly, honestly," he said. "It perked us right up. I’m not even lying."

Meanwhile, Kevin Martin was channeling his best Mark Twain who once said, “the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

It seems K-Mart and his band of merry warriors are still alive and breathing after the skip declared the team’s playoff hopes “dead.”

As Johnny Mo told the Edmonton Journal, they are alive and kicking and, oh, waving the flag. 

 “We’re battling back as hard as we can here,” said Alberta third John Morris. “We have a sniff. That’s all we can ask.
 “We need a lot of things to happen in our favour,” he continued, “but the fact we’re at four losses and still have a sniff, we’ve got to hold on to that and just play our hearts out.
“We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to the rest of Alberta to do that.”
All Martin has to do today is knock off Brad Gushue and Howard and hope for a little help. Otherwise, it will be a fast path to the Patch. 

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