Monday, March 18, 2013

Homan has great strategy for rest of world championships

Rachel Homan returned to her winning ways on Sunday at the women’s world championship, with a pair of victories, one Sunday and one Monday. And, she brilliantly summed up the team’s strategy for the rest of the week to the Citien’s Gord Holder:

“It’s really important for us to keep on winning,” Homansaid. “We want to try and make the playoffs first and then take it from there.” 

 Seriously, the team is progressing and understanding the conditions in Latvia. (One could go so far as to say, adapting rather than whining about them – not that anyone would do that.) 

In this story, Canadian Press had this quote from Homan talking about the team’s burgeoning confidence.

"We're making some good shots out here and when we'remissing them we know why and we're learning from it," Homan said. "Soit's just going to keep getting better and better hopefully." 

Canada gets a date with the United States in its next game in what should be a good contest. 

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