Saturday, March 16, 2013

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up

Actually, Alison Kreviazuk did get up and she's fine but in the second end Team Canada's opening game against Scotland (First game against Scotland? Who did this draw?) the second slipped and fell, burning a Canadian stone.

That's kind of the way it went for the Homan rink in the opening contest of the women's world championships as they lost to Eve Muirhead 6-4.

You can see highlights of the game, including the burning of the stone, here. 

Aside from the burned stone, the Canadian team also had more bad luck as the Ottawa Citizen's Gord Holder noted.

In the ninth end, a stone by third Emma Miskew hit something on the ice surface of the Volvo Sports Center and deflected off target, followed moments later by a draw attempt from Homan that was too heavy. Another stolen point and a 6-4 lead for Scotland. 
Skip Eve Muirhead later made a hit with her final stone of the 10th end, running the Canadian champions out of rocks and into some kind of shell shock. 
“That’s the way the game goes sometimes,” Homan said. “Just learn from it and move on. That (ninth end) wasn’t the only mistake we made, that was for sure.”

The Canadian Press has sent Gregory Strong to Riga to cover the championships. His story offers up quotes from Coach Earle as well as the skipper, who shot just 73 per cent in the game.

"We made several mistakes, probably way more than we normally make," Homan said. "We'll learn from them and play much better next game." 
Homan shot just 73 per cent on the day, well behind Muirhead at 92 per cent. Scotland shot 81 per cent as a team to 74 per cent for Canada. 
"It might be a little nerves," said Canadian coach Earle Morris. "We would not expect to have that happen again. But I was really proud of how they were able to fight back. 
"They held their composure and then we just had a little tough luck in the ninth end, gave up a steal and that was the game."

The Mail Online also has a short recap of the game along with some glossy pics! You can find that story here.  

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