Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning Observations

Monday Morning Observations:

Talk about both ends of the age spectrum. Young gun Braeden Moskowy won the Dekalb Superspiel over the weekend while in Switzerland, ageless wonder Andrea Schopp won an international event. Schopp won her first world championship two years before Moskowy was born.

Speaking of young guns, Moskowy wasn’t the only one to win. Brett Gallant of Charlottetown knocked off Brad Gushue to capture the Challenge Casino de Charlevoix and a $12,000 payday. Great to see this young team play so well. Quick question: when was the last time a team from PEI won a significant WCT stop? Anyone?

Apparently the Kiwi men’s curling team is pleased about its runner-up result at the Pacific Curling Championships. At least, that’s what I conclude from this quote from skip Peter de Boer:

“So we're really chuffed about New Zealand curling being back on the world stage."
Chuffed? That's good, right? The finish means the New Zealand team has qualified for the world championships this year and possible Olympic points.
China won both the men’s and women’s titles – no surprise there – with Korea taking silver in the women’s. Looking over the finish, though, there were only four nations entered in the women's competition: China, Japan, New Zealand and Korea. What happened to that big Olympic push?
One final note: speaking of ageless, Australia’s Hugh Milliken finished fourth. Here's the full report. 

Next election, the voters in Toronto should make curling experience a ballot question. Two city councilors will play an exhibition match against each other as part of the High Park Curling Club’s 100th anniversary celebration. Turns out neither Sarah Doucette nor Gord Perks have ever thrown a rock. This should be interesting.

Seems those McCuskers can do more than just slide rocks. Christina is a round-baller with some hops according to this.

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