Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do we really need the Mixed?

In case you were busy picking the lint from between your toes or some other worthwhile endeavour, you may have missed the fact that the Canadian Mixed is on in Sudbury.

Didn’t realize that? I’m sure you’re not alone. The Canadian Mixed is, in my humble opinion, the least important of our national curling championships.


No one plays competitive mixed. There are no mixed cashspiels on the World Curling Tour. And I’d wager that most teams kind of slap their squads together after their men’s and women’s competitive seasons end.

While there are some talented curlers who are playing this year and have played in the past, it’s the sweep-and-giggle we all enjoy at our club on Friday night on a bigger scale.
Now there are some good things about this event for sure. Some of the northern territories get their own entry. That’s good. And it goes to areas that might not be able to host a Brier or Scotties.

But if you were going to save some money and lighten the load on the operations staff of the CCA, this might be the one event that gets snuffed out.

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