Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Middaugh wins another one

*** Who’s the hottest team in the land? It’s the Sherry Middaugh rink, which captured the SunLife Classic yesterday for its fifth win of the season (even though the Post says it’s only the third). You can read the details here. Can’t wait to see her team in action at the Canada Cup. Oh wait a minute . . . .

 *** The life of a drawmaster is never easy. Doug Graham in theKingston Whig-Standard outlines how Pierre Charette is juggling the draw for the BDO Canadian Open in Kingston.

 *** The first line in this story says it all.

*** The answer to the trivia question that will be asked years from now is Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon. Those are the first four teams to drop into the relegation that will take place next year ahead of the Canadian Mixed. That event and the Seniors are being tested to see if relegation will work at major curling events. It’s all because the combined Territories team doesn’t sit well with the three separate territories which each want its own entry. But 14 teams doesn’t work, hence the relegation.

Do you think this is good for curling or not? What's the best way to accommodate all the teams? Or should all the teams get in? Would you watch a Brier in which -- horror of horrors -- a team such as Manitoba, Alberta or Ontario was not playing due to relegation?

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