Saturday, January 2, 2010

My hopes for 2010

My Hopes for the New Year:

That the ice and rocks at the Olympics are great, with lots of curl and consistency. That would be a first.

That the Chinese start to promote curling at the grass roots level as well as it’s done with its elite program.

That TSN Sportscentre starts to show highlights of Grand Slam events.

That Jason Gunnlaugson learns to throw the soft shot as well as he throws the high, hard one.

That Kevin Martin throws all his rocks this year.

That the Ontario men’s championship finds a sponsor.

That the debate about dropping Northern Ontario from the Brier lineup just goes away. Something about tradition here.

That curling gives Ray Turnbull a great big farewell at the end of this year, perhaps with a glass or two of red. Oh and that Vic Rauter never stops calling curling.

That Team Howard rebounds from the Roar to capture another Brier.

That the Dominion Club Curling Championship be as successful in Year Two as it was in Year One.

That someone wins that $1 million in the Capital One Draw To The Button.

That the heightened awareness curling gets in an Olympic year lasts for the next three years.

That the format for the Continental Cup get a shake-up so it actually means something.

That Randy Ferbey never stops talking to reporters.

What are your hopes?


Huskers-For-Palin said...

A medal(s) for US Olympic curling in 2010.

Olympic curling televised on NBC (not just CNBC or MSNBC).

The Asham Curling Tour reverts back into the WCT so that the player's championship becomes an international event again (8 out of the top 20 teams in the women's money standings are non-canadian).

Lisa said...

"That Team Howard rebounds from the Roar to capture another Brier." - Agreed.

A medal for the Canadian men/women at the Olympics.

A Ferbey/Koe Alberta Provincial final.

More great TV coverage on CBC/TSN/CurlTV.