Saturday, October 25, 2008

New-look CCA Web Site

Maybe I’ve been in the dark, but today I stumbled across the Canadian Curling Association’s new-look website and IMHO it’s impressive. Welcome to the 1990s CCA! It’s about time you upgraded.
The new site is attractive, colourful and inviting. Glad to see some of the staff are blogging/writing, especially Danny Lamoureux (who got his start by penning a regular column for the Ontario Curling Report a way back when) and his Business of Curling column.
Smart stuff: selling event merchandise online in one location; the aforementioned blogs; a regular schedule of events in one place; and the Club Finder.
Stuff That Could Be Improved (this is meant as constructive criticism): a more prominent position for the Go Curling! link – right now it’s just text on a navigation bar; some connection to the World Curling Tour (they’re all friends now, right?), better video interviews – the ones up there now have awful angles, light and sound; make the CCA logo at the top of the page a clickable link back to the home page (like every other web site known to man).
As well, the club finder is a great start, but it’s also a bit awkward. For example, if I live in Weston, Ont., and enter Weston and Ontario in the appropriate boxes, I get the information on the Weston G&CC. Well, information is a bit of a stretch. I get the address and a link to Google Maps. How about a link to the club’s web site? How about a phone number? More info please.
Hopefully this will all come in time. For now, it’s a decent improvement.

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Lynn said...

I agree...much improved. However, there is one VERY glaring oversight. There is no records or stats section. Bizarre!